working on my sitcom pilot

i had a short break in between term 1 and term 2 of animation mentor, and i spent that time focusing on writing again. i pitched my pilot idea to my writer’s group last month and got good feedback.

here’s what i have so far:

  • the main premise of the show. my idea is a high concept one, but i don’t know if that’s necessarily an advantage for tv.
  • the 2 main characters. this took a while because the characters and their relationship with each other defines the entire premise. i had to make sure i picked the right characters with the right motivations to really exploit the concept.
  • some ideas for supporting characters, and how they relate to the 2 main characters.
  • the main locations. i have to figure out how much i want focused on home compared to work though. right now i’m leaning much more towards focusing it at home. i have to decide if i’m going to write it as a single camera show or a multi camera show. i think it would work as either, but i prefer both the visual aesthetic of single camera, and the script formatting which is closer to feature script format.
  • a bunch of ideas for other episodes.


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mid year creative review 2009

it’s already july (a week in actually), which means the year is half over! i like to keep track of goals and such, so here’s my status report.


  • wrote my first tv spec. i wrote one for The Office.
  • then i wrote a spec for How I Met Your Mother.
  • developed an idea for a sitcom pilot, which i’m working on now.
  • applied to a bunch of writing fellowships with my Office script.
  • started learning character animation through Animation Mentor. finished term 1 of 6.


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