nickelodeon writing fellowship – my first week

my first week at nickelodeon is already over! it was a full week. here’s a quick rundown:

when we got there on monday morning, the other 2 fellows and i had a meeting with karen, the director of the fellowship. she welcomed us, told us what to expect, and gave us gifts of the book bird by bird.

we had to start writing our bios; one to verbally pitch in meetings, and one to go on the website.

we had individual meetings with karen and got feedback on the scripts we originally submitted. she gave me great notes on my 30 rock spec. the revision is due monday.


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nickelodeon writing fellowship (year 2) waiting for the 1 on 1 interview

i barely slept all weekend while i wrote my script. i brought my laptop into work and did a last minute polish during my lunch break, and emailed the script and the release form at 1:30.

last year, i had sent the script in by fedex over the weekend. i saw online that it was signed for around 11am, and i got a call from nickelodeon around 3pm that same day to schedule a one on one interview.

this year, i got an email saying my script was received, and i’ll be hearing from them. i waited all day, but i didn’t get the call. i thought this script came out well even though i didn’t have that much to actually write it. i thought the structure was clear and simple, and i tried to put a lot of jokes in there. but maybe i didn’t have enough time to polish it. or maybe the other semifinalists had better scripts.


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