notes from navigating the tv writers programs

last tuesday i went to a panel at the academy of television arts and sciences (atas) that had the directors of all of the main tv writers programs: ABC/Disney, Warner Bros, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Nickelodeon. i don’t think they’ve ever all been in the same room before!

i really wish the event had been held in a larger forum because there was a lot of great info. atas didn’t really promote it either. i only knew about it because karen (the director of the nick fellowship) was speaking in the panel so she added us to the guest list. since only 100 people were let in, i thought i’d share some of what i remember from that night. sorry if the tidbits aren’t well organized.

pick a good story. they gave accounts of specs they still remembered many years later because it was so original and so well done. one example was a spec of cheers that the panelist still remembered.

you want the spec to be as evergreen as possible. example: around season 2 of the office, everyone was writing specs of pam and jim kissing and getting together. that was too obvious of a story.


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