interview: Aaron Ho, ABC/Disney Writing Program 2010

i recently met aaron at a CAPE networking event, where we learned we were both comedy writers. aaron went through the abc/disney writing program, then worked on cougar town where he had a produced episode! he’s currently on the disney channel sitcom, austin & ally.

What spec did you submit to get into the ABC/Disney Writing Program? Why did you pick that show?

I submitted a spec of “How I Met Your Mother” to get into the Disney ABC Writing Program.  It’s one of my favorite shows on TV.  I am a HUGE fan of multi-cam sitcoms, but I enjoy the pacing and ability to have cut-away jokes that a single-cam sitcom lends.  “How I Met Your Mother” takes the best of both worlds.  Plus, the characters are rich with comedy, and there’s a lot of heart to the show.  A show needs heart — it’s the only way you’ll ever care about the characters.  I like a show that can make me laugh AND cry.  (but mostly laugh)


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