sitcom spec writing workshop syllabus

I’m going to run a sitcom spec writing workshop, and I’m really looking forward to it! I think it’ll be a lot of fun. I want to people to write the best spec possible to submit to the fellowships and to contests.

Here’s the syllabus breakdown for the first half of the workshop. To find out more info,


We’ll talk about the importance of picking the right show, and what show will best showcase your writing and your sense of humor. We’ll look at what other specs you have, and what’ll be a good complement.

How to research shows as you watch.

Coming up with ideas.

What to put in a logline.


Pitch your loglines to the group, and get feedback.

Make sure you’re balancing the A, B and C stories.

How to break down scripts to understand their structure.

What to include in your 1 page synopsis.


Feedback on your synopsis.

A quick overview of how to outline, and how to build each storyline separately before weaving them together.


Notes on your outline.

We’ll make sure the structure and pacing for each storyline works, and matches the show.

Then you can move on to the first draft.

This seems like a lot of work to do before you even write 1 page of your actual script, but it’s critical! Trust me.

Here’s the info on what the rest of the class will cover:…-syllabus-part-2

To sign up, register here:

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