sitcom spec writing workshop syllabus part 2

my online sitcom spec writing class starts sunday 12/16!

weeks 1 – 4, we’ll get to the outline of your spec script, which i discussed here: ‎

weeks 5 – 8 will be spent writing the first draft of the script, revising, and polishing. we’ll make sure the dialogue flows, the stage direction is clear, the voice for each character matches the show, and the jokes are funny.

i also want to go over what the interview process is like for the writing fellowships. you don’t want to make it past the first round with a great script, and then shoot yourself in the foot by messing up during the interview phase.

i made it all the way as a finalist for the nick fellowship in 2009, but didn’t get in that year because i wasn’t prepared for the interviews. the following year, i wrote a new spec, made it as a finalist again, but i knew what to expect. i was 1 of 3 fellows accepted in 2010, and recently made it into the nbc writers on the verge program.

i want to go over how to present yourself, what topics you should be able to talk about, what things not to say, and more. since the whole class will be over video chat, everyone will have a chance to actually practice being interviewed. this is first hand experience i have that i don’t think anyone else is teaching.

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if you want to register or have any questions, email me at