I’m making a web series

So I’ve been thinking about making a web series for years and years, but never did. I just never had an idea that I was passionate about, and other things like fellowships and writing pilots seemed like bigger priorities. But now that I have some writing samples that I like, I really wanted to create something this year. I finally came up with a concept that I’m passionate about, and am eager to get started.

I went to art school and wanted to take advantage of that, so I decided to make it an animated series. But there are a lot of decisions to make now. What’s the visual style? How realistic vs cartoony? 2D or 3D or stop motion? Outline or no outline? Flat cell shaded? Painterly? What software will I use to animate? Flash? After Effects? Toon Boom? Anime Studio Pro? After some research, I think I’m going with 2D animation using After Effects, although Anime Studio Pro looks interesting too.

Here’s some other things that are on my to do list:

  • I still need to design all the characters and backgrounds.
  • Finalize the arc of the first season, which will probably be around 6 to 8 episodes.
  • write all the scripts.
  • cast the actors to voice the characters.
  • Figure out how I’m going to actually record all the voices.
  • Decide what kind of soundtrack, and how to get rights to the songs.

Some things I won’t have to worry about since it’s animated:

  • Location releases. Such a hassle. I can just draw any location I want for free!
  • Props and wardrobe? I just draw what I need.
  • Make up and hair.
  • Renting cameras and lenses and lights.

I’m really looking forward to working on this! I made a test animation of someone doing the running man to show I excited I am.


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