my new spec script – day 1

So a couple weeks ago, I got this rough idea for a spec. I wasn’t actively trying to come up with spec ideas. I’ve been busy working on my animated web series, and writing a pilot, but this idea came to me and I debated whether or not it was worth writing.

I watched previous episodes of the show to make sure my idea would fit in within the show, and it did. Hmm. Should I spend time writing a spec? Right now? I wasn’t planning on applying to fellowships, but even if I wanted to, the deadlines aren’t till May or June of next year. I have other projects to finish that I’d have to put on hold to write this spec.

But I kept thinking about the idea, and I figured it would be good practice since I haven’t written a spec in a while. So yesterday, I just decided to commit to it and write it. The caveat is I’m giving myself only 2 weeks so that I don’t feel guilty for spending too much time on it. Here’s the schedule I made for myself. 

goal for day 1: write my logline

I actually gave myself 2 days to come up with a strong, clear logline of the story. A rough idea for a story is definitely not the same thing as a logline! I did the same thing I teach in my workshop – I figured out which episodes were similar to the one I wanted to write, in terms of structure or tone or story, and researched the show by taking notes as I watched.

Not counting time watching episodes, I spent about 3.5 hours total on brainstorming a bunch of loglines for the A, B, and C stories, and made sure my loglines included the character’s goal, motivation, and conflict.

Another 13 days to go. So far so good.

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