Parks and Rec – Trump Fundraiser – concept

I wrote a spec script for Parks and Rec, where Trump visits Pawnee to hold a fundraiser. There were 3 things that triggered the idea for this script.

  1. Trump and the election has been on my mind and causing me a lot of anxiety, as I’m sure it has for many people.
  2. I recently read the 9/11 Seinfeld spec. I thought it was a great idea for a stunt spec, and very well written.
  3. I recently started archery. Here’s the sign I passed as I went to the archery range every morning before work.


If you look at the lower right corner of the sign, you’ll see why that put Parks and Rec into my head. And soon after, I had the vague idea of writing a Parks and Rec episode with Trump. I didn’t have any actual story ideas yet, but I knew Leslie Knope was a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, and Pawnee is set in Indiana, where Mike Pence was Governor.

However, it was just a vague idea for a spec, and even though I kept thinking of little snippets for stories and jokes, I tried to ignore them. What I needed to focus on was writing pilots, animating my web series, focusing on finding a rep. But then one morning, I woke up from a nightmare, and tweeted about it.

In my ridiculous dream, someone else had written a Parks and Rec spec with Trump, and I was pissed! When I woke up, I decided I’d just write this script and give myself a short timeline, get it out of my system, and move on.

Next time, I’ll talk about the research process to prepare for writing this script.

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