Sitcom Spec Workshop starts soon!

Sign up for my online Sitcom Spec Workshop to write your spec script! Former students have placed in the WB Writers Workshop, ABC Disney Writing Program, the CBS Writers Mentoring Program, and various contests with scripts they wrote in my workshop. When The class starts on Sunday, April 2, at 5pm PST. It’s 8 weeks long,


Schedule for the writing fellowships

I still need to recap my 2016 and plan out my 2017, but I’m going to transition from comedy to drama this year. That means I need to write a drama spec and a pilot to apply to the various writing fellowship programs. PROGRAM DEADLINES The writing programs haven’t updated their information for 2017, so for

Parks and Rec – Trump Fundraiser – concept

I wrote a spec script for Parks and Rec, where Trump visits Pawnee to hold a fundraiser. There were 3 things that triggered the idea for this script. Trump and the election has been on my mind and causing me a lot of anxiety, as I’m sure it has for many people. I recently read

my new spec script – day 15

  I’m behind schedule. Today is day 15 of 14. I’ve been waking up early to write before work, in addition to the normal nights and weekends. I also took a vacation day last Friday to write, but I’m still not done. Here’s my current status: Act 1 – 3rd draft Act 2 – 2nd draft Act 3

my new spec script – day 11

Today is day 11 of 14. I was hoping to finish a first draft yesterday, and start on the second draft today, but I’m a little behind schedule. The outline took a little longer than I wanted, but I didn’t want to jump to script until the outline was solid. Specifically, I was trying to nail

my new spec script – day 5

I’m trying to write a new spec script in 2 weeks, despite having a full time job and a new hobby of archery. Today is day 5 of 14. I have my logline for each storyline, I have a treatment, and I’m finishing up my beat sheet. I’ll be starting my outline later today, so I’m pretty

my new spec script – day 1

So a couple weeks ago, I got this rough idea for a spec. I wasn’t actively trying to come up with spec ideas. I’ve been busy working on my animated web series, and writing a pilot, but this idea came to me and I debated whether or not it was worth writing. I watched previous episodes