camera obscura – dp

we settled on our dp - lenny hoffman. he brings many years of experience in the industry, and i'm looking forward to working with him.

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camera obscura – revising the script

well, it turns out howard smith (the potential DP) won’t be able to work on my short film because he ended up getting a gig on a feature. marcia sent me 2 other DP’s to look at.

marcia also had sent my script to a reader to get some coverage, and i got some excellent notes. most were great things to consider. there were several instances where i left something vague in the script, and she wanted more detail. for example, here’s the opening of the script:


The late afternoon sun on an empty road.  A car drives by, weaving slightly.

her note was, “What kind of car?”


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camera obscura – preproduction update

i had a call with my producer marcia the other day.

she has a potential DP lined up – howard smith. i think he created this steadicam system called the mk-v which allows for some amazing shots. hopefully we can get him onboard, and then he and i can discuss the look of the film and the shots i’m thinking of.

i found out the camera we’re going to be shooting on: the sony ex1.

i’m excited to shoot with this camera because it has 1/2″ sensors so it’ll do well in low light. it’s also a tapeless workflow like the hvx200.


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camera obscura – headshots

i only have 2 roles in my short, MIKE and SUSAN. if possible, i'd like them to be a young, interracial couple. the casting notice went up on 6/10 and…

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camera obscura – preproduction starts

i’ve been focusing on writing television comedy spec scripts for the past year, and so it’s quite a jump to switch from that to preparing to direct a short horror film. luckily, i’m not doing this alone.

the producer for my short film “camera obscura” is marcia woske. her bio is available on the duke city shootout website. she brings a lot of experience and i’m really excited to work with her!

i have about 6 weeks before the shoot. there’s a lot of work to do before then.


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what i learned from improv

i finished my level 1 improv class at IO West. here are some things i learned: i need to listen more. and better. on day 1 we were taught the…

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