which cold open should i post?

i get a lot of emails from people asking to read my scripts, but my policy is i only give my scripts to friends. however, i decided to post just the cold open from one of my specs, but i can’t decide which one. help me pick which one by voting below!

the choices are:

  • 30 rock – this script got me into the nick fellowship, and past the 1st round of abc/disney
  • parks and rec – this script got me into NBC wotv
  • happy endings – this is my latest spec that i sent to wb, abc, and cbs this year


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google searches answered

here are some google searches people used to find my blog, and answers to those questions.

when do they notify finalists for the tv writing workshops
– usually around september for the first round. nickelodeon starts earlier, sometimes late july. it’s coming up!

how many people apply to tv writing fellowships
– between 1000 to 2000 a year, depending on the program. disney used to get around 2000, then they asked for letters of the recommendation, and it dropped to 1000 that year. wotv received around 1600 last year, 1900 this year. i think nickelodeon gets around 1300, but keep in mind it’s all comedy writers and fewer slots.

odds of getting tv writing fellowships
– this is related to the question above. disney and nbc take 8 people a year, cbs, wb, and nickelodeon take less. i’m not too familiar with the new fox program. 1 in a 100 is 1%, so 1 in a 1000 is .1%, and they receive more than a 1000 submissions a year, so less than .1%.


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2012 year in review, goals for 2013

2012 was, without exaggeration, the most difficult year of my life. it started with a root canal caused by grinding my teeth, the pressure which killed the nerve. grinding my teeth came from the stress of finishing the nick fellowship in oct 2011 and having nothing tangible to show for it. i had had no writing job, no agent, nothing. although i never regretted leaving my stable job as an art director for the nick fellowship, life after nick was definitely filled with anxiety.

so 2012, january to august – horrible! massive depression. financial pain. unexpected betrayal. loss of hope. doubt. lots of doubt. i made a chart.



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nickelodeon writing fellowship – faux writers room

karen had wanted to set up a mock writers room class while i was still in the fellowship, but the timing didn’t work out with the teacher’s schedule at the time. he’s available now though, and karen was nice enough to invite me back to take the class even though i’m done with the fellowship. the class is twice a week for 6 weeks, with myself, the 2 current fellows (tina and sasha), and a fellow from several years ago (ivory).

the teacher is joel thompson – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1403671/.
he sometimes teaches at ucla extension, so if you can take a class with him, do it!

the class is run like a writers room, and we’re writing a spec episode of the nickelodeon show, big time rush. we started out pitching ideas for episodes, and the class decided to go with one i pitched. we broke the A story first, worked out all the beats, then moved onto the B story. we just finished week 4, and started to move from outline to actual script pages.


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2011 year in review, goals for 2012

2011 was an interesting year. i finished up the nick fellowship, which was an amazing experience. i learned a lot, met great people, and wrote a bunch of solid scripts. as great as the experience was, it didn’t lead to a job, so the end of the year after the fellowship was rather depressing. i’m hoping 2012 leads to some sort of breakthrough.
here were my top 3 goals for 2011:

  1. get staffed on a show after the fellowship.
    NO. this didn’t happen. not even close. i also didn’t get an agent, and didn’t get into another writing program (although i did make it past the first round of disney). sigh.
  2. write a pilot script.
    YES. i finally wrote my first pilot! i’m already working on my second.
  3. make a web series or short film.
    SORT OF. i didn’t shoot anything, but i did finish the script for a live action short, so i count that as half.

so out of my 3 goals, i accomplished 1.5. not so great.


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