search engine queries

some funny search engine queries people used to find my site: craft service extra crazy actor needs - 12/03 film producers don't like writers - 11/29 - ha ha. i…

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why make a short film

even working industry folk have to go through the process of making a short film. alex epstein, screenwriter and author of the excellent book Crafty Screenwriting, talks about his decision…

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manager vs agent

craig mazin shares his thoughts on managers vs. agents. it's in reference to screenwriters but i'm sure it can't be all that different for directors.

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bad short film ideas

here's a funny because it's true collection of things to avoid when you're making your short film. the sad thing is i've seen many shorts that have several of…

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film school – yes or no?

there's an interesting post at DV Guru listing 10 reasons to go to film school and 10 reasons not to go to film school. i didn't go to film school,…

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film festival submissions

i sent off my submission to slamdance yesterday. so far i've only submitted to sundance and slamdance. i'm also considering submitting to these festivals which all have submission deadlines before…

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interesting article on film festivals

i think this is a transcript of some forum. nice tidbits of info. mostly about features and documentaries, but helpful nonetheless. "The question that filmmakers need to know, is which…

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short film budget so far

i'm not going to disclose how much the actual dollar amount of my budget was, but i spent 70% of my budget to shoot it. i'm pretty happy with that,…

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storyboards vs shot list

so looking over my footage, i realized i missed some shots. i should have had a more detailed shot list. i made one for some of the scenes, but not…

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