i’m not going to disclose how much the actual dollar amount of my budget was, but i spent 70% of my budget to shoot it. i’m pretty happy with that, because that leaves me with 30% for post production and marketing.


– i’m editing it myself so that’s free.
– my friend might do the score for free.
– i have to do some ADR. i’ll probably buy the actors lunch.
– sound design. i might have to buy sound effects cd’s or download individual wav files.
– i’m going to have to pay to have it mastered to digibeta. which means i’ll also have to buy digibeta tapes.


– need to design posters, and print them up. i may scrap my previous idea for something simpler and more graphic.
– need money to apply to film festivals. money for application fee, envelopes, postage, cost of tapes/dvd’s. if i get into film festivals, the money to fly there will be coming out of my own pocket.
– need other promotional things for film festivals – postcards, flyers, stickers, etc.

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  1. Samuel Macaluso

    I just stumbled across your site and I think it’s great that your documenting your experience. I own a small production company in New Orleans and if there is anything I can do to help you with your projects, I will, free of charge. Keep up the good work.

    Samuel Macaluso

  2. kiyong

    hey samuel, thanks for the offer! i checked out your site and the work you and your friends are doing looks impressive.

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