writers go online

established writers are starting their own companies to create content for the internet, and people are investing in them. check out the la times article. i have several ideas for…

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another fest

ku klux kornea has gotten an early acceptance into the show off your shorts film festival. it takes place in LA at raleigh studios mid february. it will also be…

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writing a screenplay in one month

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november is national novel writing month (NaNoWriMo). people register on the website and try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. last year, i wrote a rough draft…

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interviews from dc shorts on ourstage

ourstage.com interviewed some filmmakers at dc shorts, including some new friends i met there, and yours truly. http://www.ourstage.com/ the link to the video is on the right under "what's happening".

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screenplay for martial artsy

i posted a pdf of the script for my short film "martial artsy". you can watch it here on atomfilms to compare the finished cut to the script. you will…

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