next projects

i’m not even done preparing for my shoot this weekend, but i’m already thinking about my next projects.

– i already have the short horror script that i wrote before ku klux kornea. i entered it into the dc shorts screenwriting competition and the slamdance screenwriting competition. if i win any prize money, it’ll go to fund the production.

– i have an idea for a feature film. i’ve been thinking of ideas since january, but i finally found one that is high concept, a comedy, and can be made for a low budget. i want to write it by the end of the year.

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preproduction week 7: countdown

today is wed. we’re having the tech scout tonight to see if we’ll need more lights, make sure there won’t be any sound issues, figure out logistics of where to set up the different departments, etc. then we’re having the production meeting right after to check the status of all departments. there are some props that need to be made, and set dressing will be needed to turn an office into a doctor’s office.

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