dealing with failure – fall down, get back up

september has been a crazy month. i started off the month thinking i didn’t even get into the semifinals of the nickelodeon writing fellowship, only to have them call me a few days later saying i did make it in, and that they were just running behind. then i had a phone interview and an in person interview, and found out i made it to the last round as a finalist. then after 3 crazy days of speed interviews, i found out yesterday that i didn’t make it in.

today, i feel pretty good. of course i’m sad that i was sooooo close and yet didn’t make it in, but i’m not as depressed as i thought i’d be. it’s not the inverse of how happy i would have been if i had made it in. so even though i was upset yesterday, i immediately went into planning mode to figure out what i needed to do to get in next year.


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nickelodeon writing fellowship: speed interviews

i got a call from nickelodeon last tues telling me the speed interviews were scheduled for wed – fri, and they needed me there for 3 full days. there were to be 10 or 11 interviews; one on one interviews with writers and creators, and also group interviews with executives in charge (eic’s), line producers, writers, and other people.  each interview was to last 10 minutes. the interviewers will be given a sheet of paper where they’ll score us 1 – 5 in different categories. this is the final step! after these interviews, you either become a fellow, or you’re right back where you started from.


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nickelodeon writing fellowship: in-person interview

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on wednesday, i arrived at the nickelodeon studio in burbank, and met with the director of the fellowship. their office actually looks like what’s on their website, with fun shapes and bright colors everywhere. i don’t want to divulge exactly what was asked and how i answered, but i can say whereas the phone interview was mostly focused on the topic of writing, this one was more general and more personal. i was told for this round of interviews, they already know i can write. now it comes down to personality. am i someone she feels she can work with for a year? can i sell myself? do i have a good attitude? a good sense of humor?


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call from nickelodeon!

i applied to the nickelodeon writing fellowship in february, was hoping to hear back by the end of august to see if i made it to the next round, and…

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