nickelodeon writing fellowship – month 8

this past month of the fellowship has been frustrating.

i’ve been waiting to go into the writers’ room since may. in past years, the fellows went to the rooms earlier, but for some reason, things seem to be taking a lot longer this year. kevin finally got to join the tuff puppy writers room on june 1, but  brian and i are still waiting.

our last day here at nick is oct 7, so that’s just over 3 months. if i don’t end up in the writers’ room, i think my chances of being hired on a show would obviously be low. even if i do end up in the room, with only a few months left of the fellowship and shows winding down, i don’t know if it would be enough of an opportunity to make any sort of impact.


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interview: Brian Stampnitsky, Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship 2010-2011

i wanted to do some interviews with other writers who have gone through the writing programs. i’m starting with fellow nick fellow brian stampnitsky. i actually met brian before the fellowship in a tv writing class at io west, and just by coincidence, we both made it as finalists, and then made it in as fellows.

What spec did you submit to get into the Nick Writing Fellowship? What made you pick that show?

I submitted a Big Bang Theory.  Since I wanted my spec portfolio to show as much diversity as possible and I hadn’t written any multi-cam scripts, I started looking at those shows.  Big Bang jumped out because it focused on a group of nerds (something I felt I could relate to – for no particular reason!), but the science-speak and Sheldon’s voice made me a little apprehensive.  Writing a sitcom spec is all about mimicking the show’s specific voice and sensibility, so Big Bang felt like a worthwhile challenge/learning experience.  It wound up being my favorite spec.


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writers and diversity

the writers guild recently released The 2011 Hollywood Writers Report. The present report shows that women writers remain stuck at 28 percent of television employment, while their share of film…

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