nickelodeon writing fellowship – month 9

i got to sit in on the  writers’ room of robot & monster for one day as they were revising a script.  the head writers weren’t there, so the room consisted of the story editor, 2 writers, a script coordinator, and me just watching. they projected the script up on the wall and went through it page by page, punching up jokes and addressing whatever notes they had received. i wish i got to stay longer than just 1 day, but they were nearly done writing for the season so it just didn’t happen. it was still pretty cool to see.

we had a meeting with karen to discuss we how we should best make use of the last few months of the fellowship. the 2 big things were 1) pilot, 2) agents.  we’ve been working on pilot scripts for a couple months and it had been very self directed.  i was floundering for a bit, but i made a firm decision on which concept to write, and i came up with a schedule to finish it. karen will give us notes as we move from premise to outline to first draft, which is great. she also said she would set up meetings with agents for us, which i don’t think has happened in previous years of the fellowship, so that’s very exciting.


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mid year creative review 2011

i like to make lists and track my progress with things. here’s what i’ve done in the first 6 months of the year. i’m only counting things that i finished, because starting something and not finishing it isn’t an accomplishment.

  • finished my community spec that i started in dec 2010.
  • wrote a spec for the nick show, robot & monster.
  • wrote a spec for parks and rec.
  • took an improv class at ucb.

if i wasn’t in the nick fellowship, i probably would have written 1 spec in the same amount of time.

here were my top 3 goals for 2011:

  1. get staffed on a show after the fellowship.
  2. write a pilot script.
  3. make a web series or animated short film.

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interview: Nora and Lilla Zuckerman, Warner Brothers Writers’ Workshop 2009

I haven’t had the fortune of actually meeting Nora and Lilla, but Brian is friends with them and asked on my behalf if they’d be interested in doing an interview. They were gracious enough to agree! After they finished the WB Writers’ Workshop in 2009, they’ve worked on FRINGE, HUMAN TARGET, and are currently on HAVEN.

My brother and I are almost complete opposites, so I’m always fascinated by siblings with similar interests. What’s it like for you sisters to work as a writing team? Can you talk about how that happened, and what that process is like?

NZ: Lilla and I have always been close growing up, but in a lot of ways we had different interests.  I had always been an avid reader, would spend hours with my nose in a book, and had always been into movies and television.  I ended up going to USC’s film school, majoring in Filmic Writing, which is an intensive, 4-year undergrad program.  It was the 90’s when television experienced what people call a new “golden age” – and suddenly it seemed like all the best writing was being done in television.  I always loved the idea of working in TV, but I’d never taken a TV class at USC.  When I was there it was almost impossible to get into a TV writing class as an undergrad. Television also seemed like it was even harder to break into.  If you wanted to be in features, you just had to sell a script – so that was the path I initially tried for.  I got an agent somewhat quickly after film school and continued to write feature screenplays.  Over time I was becoming a better writer, and I had been getting some traction, but the progress was frustrating.


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interview: LaToya Morgan, Warner Brothers Writers’ Workshop 2011

A mutual friend introduced me to LaToya soon after she finished the Warner Brothers Writers’ Workshop.  I thought her journey was very inspiring, so I asked if she’d be willing to share her experiences.

What spec did you submit to get into the WB Writers’ Workshop? What made you pick that show?

SONS OF ANARCHY.  I love the show and thought it would be a good vehicle to showcase my ability to write gritty, masculine characters as well as action.  It was a fun spec to write.

How many scripts did you write before you were accepted? Did you submit to the other writing programs?

I wrote several features and four TV specs prior to the Workshop. I applied to several of the writing fellowships in previous years but last year I only applied to Warner Bros. The Warner Bros. Workshop is the gold standard and I wanted into that one more than any other. (more…)

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ipad apps that help me write and draw

i bought the ipad when it first came out, and i use it all the time to get real work done. its portability and long battery life often makes it a better choice than my laptop. here are some apps that i like.


omnioutliner costs more than the average app ($20!), but it’s worth every penny to me. i used the desktop program to outline every script i’ve ever written, and the ipad version has just as much functionality. nothing helps me structure text better than this program.


i’ve tried a ton of to do lists for my iphone and ipad, and 2do is by far the best one. it’s a universal app, which means you buy it once and it works for both the iphone and ipad, it has a ton of features, and it syncs with the free online service toodledo.


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