CAAM Fellowship interview and results!

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My finalist interview for the CAAM Fellowship was scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday, Jan 14. I left my office early at 5:30, thinking I’d get home by 6:15 at the latest. I already prepared for the interview, but wanted to do one more quick review of everything beforehand.

The interview was either going to be by Skype or phone. Phone interviews are hard because you get no visual feedback, so I was hoping for Skype. That way I could see the people interviewing me and gauge their reactions, instead of just talking into a void.

Unfortunately for me, there was ridiculous LA traffic. There had been a fire off the Pacific Coast Highway earlier in the day and that road was shut down, so all that traffic overflowed onto the route I take. After an hour of sitting in traffic, I had moved about 2 miles. There was no way I’d make it home in time. I emailed the people at CAAM and let them know the situation, and told them I could do a phone interview later that night at 7 as scheduled, or reschedule for a Skype interview the next day. They replied and said a phone interview later that night was fine.

I ended up pulling over in front of a Starbucks. All of my prep work was sitting on my laptop at home, so I wasn’t able to review anything beforehand. I turned on the light in my car, found a pen and the back of some receipts to take notes on, and had my interview. Not ideal circumstances, but I’ve done these phone interviews several times now: twice for Nickelodeon, and once for NBC. I know how to talk about myself and my work. I thought I did okay, but you never know.


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CAAM Fellowship news


Last Oct, a friend who had gone through WOTV a couple years before me emailed me about the CAAM Fellowship, which is a fellowship for Asian Americans in entertainment. She had gone through the program and said it was great, and she said I should apply. I hadn’t heard of it before, so I read up about the program on their site.


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2013 year in review, goals for 2014

2013 was an interesting year. Not a good year writing wise, at least as far as tangible results go, but really great for other stuff.

My top 3 goals for 2013 were:

  • Be a working writer, and get staffed on a show.
  • Write at least 2 new pilot scripts.
  • Write a feature script.

How many of those did I accomplish? None! Not even close.

Here’s what did happen with writing:

  • I finished up WOTV.
  • During WOTV, I had to leave the writers group I was in, but afterwards, I returned to the group. Thanks for letting me come back, guys!
  • I started a new pilot. I got the outline done, but didn’t finish it.
  • My pilot that I wrote during WOTV, Mailboys, was a 2nd rounder at the Austin Film Festival. I went to the festival with several friends and had a great time! I need to write a post on my experience there at some point, but the panels were inspiring, the parties were fun, and I even took a picture with Vince Gilligan (I’m pretty sure everyone who went to Austin has this same picture).



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