The year is already half over! Here were my goals at the start of the year.

1. Get an agent.
YES! Finally.

2. Get staffed on a show.
NOT YET. I had several general meetings, but no showrunner meetings. I’ll have to try again next year, but who knows. Maybe something midseason? Or cable?

3. Write 2 pilots.
1 OF 2. My last pilot was a family sitcom, so I wanted to write a workplace comedy to round out my portfolio. I just finished last week, and my agent has already started sending it out. For my next pilot, I’m thinking of writing a multicam, since I don’t have one in my portfolio.

4. Work on some other creative project: either a feature, a web series, or an animated pitch.
NOT YET. Not sure if I’ll get to one of these projects, but I have some ideas floating around.

It’s been a good, productive first half of the year. Looking forward to the second half.

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