kiyong kim

writer | artist | animator


I’m a writer and artist from Los Angeles.

I was born in Korea and grew up in Los Angeles before going to art school in Boston. I studied Illustration at the Massachusetts College of Art, and took creative writing classes at Emerson College.


Once I decided to focus on television writing, I was accepted into the NBC Writers on the Verge program, the Nickelodeon Writing Program, and the CAAM Fellowship.



For my day job, I work as a UX Designer. I’ve worked at Shazam, Napster, and at several agencies where I worked on projects for major brands including Disney, X-Box, Paramount, Hyundai, and more.


I have a blog where I document my various creative projects.

Animated Sphinx Character Rig

Animated Sphinx Character Rig

Here’s another character from the animated web series I’ve been working on. This was a challenging character to rig because she has 4 legs, a tail, and wings in addition to a normal head. It was worth the work though, because now I can easily pose and animate her from different angles. I started this…

Making an Animated Web Series

Making an Animated Web Series

I’m taking a year long sabbatical to work on personal creative projects, and my main project is working on an animated web series. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, so it’s really exciting that I’m actually getting to do it now. I know a lot of writers that are interested in doing an…