Animated Sphinx Character Rig

Here's another character from the animated web series I've been working on. This was a challenging character to rig because she has 4 legs, a tail, and wings in addition…

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Making an Animated Web Series

I’m taking a year long sabbatical to work on personal creative projects, and my main project is working on an animated web series. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, so it’s really exciting that I’m actually getting to do it now.

I know a lot of writers that are interested in doing an animated project, so I wanted to go over some of the animation process.

It’s a ton of work! Here’s my rough breakdown of what’s involved:


  • concept
  • logline
  • outline
  • script


  • character design
  • character turnarounds
  • character model sheet with expressions and poses
  • background and prop design
  • finalize art style


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I’m taking a year long creative sabbatical

It’s been a while since I updated my blog.

So I quit my job, sold almost everything I had, and decided to travel overseas for a year to take a creative sabbatical.

I talk about it here. I’ve been making videos of my projects and my travels, so you can subscribe on YouTube, and follow me on Instagram.


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2017 Writing Program Notifications

(updated 12/09/17) It's that time of year again, and notifications have started! Please let me know if you hear any news, and check the comments for updates I may not have…

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2016 Writing Program Notifications

(updated 12/08/16) Notifications have started! Please let me know if you hear any news. WRITING PROGRAMS ABC Disney Writing Program I hear they already conducted their semi-final interviews, and they may have already…

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interview: Minty Lewis, creator of Bottom’s Butte

Even though we both live in LA, I first met Minty in Austin at the Austin Film Festival! Then we became Facebook friends and I saw that she created a short, so I had to ask her all about it. Follow this super talented lady on Twitter @mintylewis.

Your short has an alpaca and a peanut as the main characters! How’d you come up with the idea for your short?

It’s all kind of blurry when I look back on the origin, almost three years ago at this point. I knew I wanted to pitch something before I knew what I wanted to pitch, so I basically just threw a bunch of ideas at the wall and then saw what stuck for me. One of the things I was thinking about was my aunt Beverly, who has a giant, joyful, reckless personality, but now has Alzheimer’s and spent most of her life in dealing with alcoholism. Specifically, I was thinking about a story of hers in which she decided to audition for a play as she was drunkenly walking by a theater. They called to give her the lead role the next day, but once she sobered up she didn’t have the guts to follow through. The alpaca character (also named Beverly) grew out of me thinking about what it would be like if she could’ve just maintained that sweet spot of drunkenness. Like, maybe great things would have been possible if she could have just held on to that optimism and extroversion and risk-seeking behavior?

Translating these musings into a cartoon character, I’ve landed on a straitlaced alpaca who twisted her bun too tight and turned into a freewheelin’ teenager. The fact that she’s specifically an alpaca isn’t all that important, I just felt like there’d be more range in what I could do with her and the world if she wasn’t a human. People just seem more willing to accept/laugh at dark ideas if there’s a goofy cartoon face in front of them. I’ve always appreciated how nuts alpacas look with all the teeth and the hair, but you can take any creature and make it seem serious/nerdy/sexy/etc. with the details of the character design. The Peanette character grew out of a totally separate path where I was thinking about a “peanut butler,” but after I did some drawings and she turned into a burnout wearing a denim jacket, she seemed like a good pal for Beverly.


Bottom’s Butte

Behind the Scenes with Busy Philipps and me

Interview with me about the short


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