2015 Writing Program Notifications

(this post is outdated. the current 2016 notifications are here.)

I didn’t apply to any fellowships this year, but here’s my annual writing program post. If you hear of any updates, please let me know. Good luck, everyone!

(updated 11/12/15)


  • Nickelodeon
    The chosen writers have been announced on their Facebook page.
  • WB
    I hear the final writers have been selected!
  • CBS
    They started making calls, and sent rejection emails.
  • NBC
    The writers have been chosen! Check their Facebook page.
  • Sundance Episodic Story Lab
    Writers have been selected.
  • NHMC
    Started sending rejection letters.
  • ABC/Disney
    Started making calls. Phone interviews next week.


  • Austin
    Semifinal calls were made over the weekend. Here’s the list of semifinalists and 2nd rounders. Congrats to my 4 students who made 2nd round with the specs they wrote in my workshop!
  • Scriptapalooza
    Winners listed here.
  • Slamdance
    Rejection emails were sent.
  • Final Draft Big Break
    Quarterfinalists announced on their site.
  • Nicholl Fellowship
    Finalists have been announced on their site.
  • Launch Pad Pilot Competition
    Semi-finalists have been announced on their site. Congrats to my friend and writing group member Cynthia for placing!
  • Creative World Awards
    Finalists have been announced on their site. Congrats to my student Jack for placing as a semifinalist with his Brooklyn Nine Nine spec!
    Semi-finalists for the Lifetime Writers Project have been selected.

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  1. Hi,

    I just got a call from NBC setting up a phone interview for Writers on the verge. I am incredibly excited and nervous. Do you have any advice? What was your phone interview like?

    thank you!

    1. congrats! someone gave me the advice to just be myself, which at the time, i thought wasn’t that helpful. in hindsight, though, that’s really all you can do. there aren’t any trick questions or anything. it’s a little challenging because it’s over the phone, so you’re not getting any visual feedback. best of luck!

  2. Austin emailed regarding the AMC original drama pilot category a few weeks ago notifying the second round scripts that advanced enough to be read by AMC, not sure what % that is. They asked for a release signed.

  3. Hi, do you happen to know if WBTV has already contacted all semi-finalists, or only those that just submitted a single script during the initial application process?

  4. NBC posted this on FB today: Hello writers! We’re pleased to announce that all applicants selected for the phone interview round have been notified. Congratulations to those who made it this far! Also, thank you to the thousands of writers who applied to the program as we received a record number of submissions. Please keep writing and we hope you apply again next year!

  5. Any word on Nick’s new Script First program? I know some people have already received rejections. Just checked my spam folder; nothing on my end yet.

    1. They’re still in the process of reading them. I submitted 2 scripts, received a rejection email for the first on July 28th and one for the second today.

  6. I still haven’t heard anything about the WB Workshop. I assume I didn’t get in based on everyone else getting rejected, but I still have a faint glimmer of hope because I haven’t got an email yet.

  7. Austin Film Festival has begun the process of calling to notify semifinalists of their status in the competition. Digital Series writers are the only ones who received Finalist notifications early.

  8. Has anyone heard from the Disney Channel Story Tellers? The 10 semifinalists were supposedly notified on Oct 12? Anyone know how they notify…Email? Phone?

  9. ABC Disney Writer’s made an announcement that they will be making phone calls “mid-November.” But, they don’t say who they are making the calls to or who was not selected.

  10. Someone posted on DoneDealPro that Wednesday would be the last day to make phone calls, not sure what that means. Phone interviews or phone notifications to be interviewed?

  11. Does everyone who is being considered as a Finalist for the Sundance Writers Lab get a phone interview? I made it to the second round last year, didn’t get an interview, and didn’t make it in. I applied again this year with a different script, again, I made it into the second round, but now i am worried that because I haven’t gotten a phone call, it means I won’t get in. I know they make decisions on/or before Dec 15. Does everyone they accept go through a phone interview? And if so, does anyone know when those happen?

  12. A question about the FOX Writers Intensive: When will people hear about their status? When will the finalists be notified? Are phone interviews conducted before the finalists are selected? Thank you!

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