2016 Writing Program Notifications

(updated 12/08/16)

Notifications have started! Please let me know if you hear any news.


  • ABC Disney Writing Program
    I hear they already conducted their semi-final interviews, and they may have already selected people for the final round.
  • WB Writers Workshop
    They started contacting people! Congrats to one of my students who made it to the next round with a spec she wrote in my workshop!
  • NBC Writers on the Verge
    They announced the final writers on their Facebook page.
  • CBS Writers Mentoring Program
    They chose the final writers! Congrats to my writing group friend Cynthia for getting in!
  • Nickelodeon Writing Program
    They announced the writers on their Facebook page.
  • Universal Emerging Writers Fellowship
    They announced the winners.


  • Final Draft Big Break
    They’ve announced their semi-finalists. Congrats to my friends Stephanie and Joanne for placing with their comedy pilots!
  • Screencraft Pilot Launch
    They’ve announced the the winners and finalists. Congrats to MW, WOTV alum, for winning on the drama side, my writing group friend Mel who made quarter-final, and April who made semi-final!
  • Austin Film Festival
    Winners were announced at the Awards Luncheon, including Geeta who also won the Nicholl! Full list of semi-finalists and second rounders here. Congrats to my writing group friend Richard who’s a finalist, and all my friends who made second round.
  • Slamdance Screenplay Competition
    They posted the semi-finalists on their site.
  • Nicholl Fellowship
    The winners have been chosen. Congrats to my friend Geeta who is one of the winners!!!
  • PAGE Screenwriting Awards
    They’ve notified the semi-finalists.
  • Scriptapalooza TV
    They’ve announced the winners.
  • NYTVF Scripts Competition
    They chose 21 Official Selections.
  • NYTVF Works for Progress
    They picked 15 semi-finalists. Congrats to Thomas and Lawrence!

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    1. read that- he sounds off his rocker. and if anyone is trying to be destructive i’d say it’s him bashing two writers. or maybe he just has an axe to grind because they were women who had opinions.

  1. Is the Universal Emerging Writers Fellowship the conclusion of the application process starting last December (2015)? I’ve been keeping an eye on upcoming fellowship deadlines and I didn’t think I’d seen one for Universal since that time

  2. Does anyone, by any chance, know the timeline of the finalist events for the ABC/Disney fellowship? For purposes of taking time off work, she laughed nervously

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