camera obscura – preproduction starts

i’ve been focusing on writing television comedy spec scripts for the past year, and so it’s quite a jump to switch from that to preparing to direct a short horror film. luckily, i’m not doing this alone.

the producer for my short film “camera obscura” is marcia woske. her bio is available on the duke city shootout website. she brings a lot of experience and i’m really excited to work with her!

i have about 6 weeks before the shoot. there’s a lot of work to do before then.

i signed and faxed back the contract that duke city sent me, so now it’s official that i’m participating in the shootout.

auditions are scheduled for june 19 – 22. i can’t be there in new mexico, but the auditions will be posted online for me to review. i only have 2 main characters, so it’s critical i find the right actors for the parts.

marcia already mailed some DP reels to me, so i should be getting those soon to review.

i want to start collecting reference images for the project, including color palettes, costumes, locations, props, etc.

i also reread my script and i’m pretty happy with where it’s at. it could use a little polish but the story itself feels pretty solid. i’ll probably start storyboarding tonight.

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