camera obscura – preproduction update

i had a call with my producer marcia the other day.

she has a potential DP lined up – howard smith. i think he created this steadicam system called the mk-v which allows for some amazing shots. hopefully we can get him onboard, and then he and i can discuss the look of the film and the shots i’m thinking of.

i found out the camera we’re going to be shooting on: the sony ex1.

i’m excited to shoot with this camera because it has 1/2″ sensors so it’ll do well in low light. it’s also a tapeless workflow like the hvx200.

she’s working on getting an editor as well as the other crew members. i’m looking into a composer and sound designer.

i have several shots in a car, so i had asked if we could rent a tow truck or something. marcia said she’s going to try to get a process trailer, which is what you use to tow a car being filmed. there’s enough room on the platform for the camera, lights, etc.

i was a little worried when i first saw the submissions right after the casting notice was posted, but i feel much better now. there are a lot of potential actors for the role of SUSAN, and a few good candidates for MIKE. auditions are on sunday! i can’t wait to see the video footage.

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