duke city shootout: day 2 – prep

i attended the mandatory orientation for all of the crew in the duke city shootout. they went over the history of the shootout, set etiquette, and safety. this is the shootout’s 10th year. they skipped last year because the economy was so bad, but they were able to bring it back this year. after, there was a quick meeting that was just for the writer/directors, and so i got to meet the other directors very briefly. there are 5 short films being made and 1 music video.

afterwards, i met with with both my actors for a quick table read. we reviewed the tone their relationship should have, and they wanted to play it where there was a moment of reconciliation instead of them being cold to each other the whole time. i thought that made a lot of sense.

then i had a production meeting with my DP, gaffer, and camera operator. we reviewed storyboards and overhead diagrams, as well as the shooting schedule. i had some questions about how they planned to light the exterior house location, but my DP wasn’t worried so that put me at ease.

meanwhile, my producer had picked up the picture car, so we went outside to check it out. it was a brand new red dodge avenger. i wasn’t too thrilled about the car. first it was new, and i didn’t think my characters would have enough money to drive a new car. also logistically, the windows had a low profile and were slightly tinted, but it was free, so we really couldn’t complain.

i got some rest back at the hotel, and then went to the ritual shotgun start where each team’s driver runs to the grip truck and drives off into the sunset. it was nice to get to meet most of my crew members before shooting starts tomorrow night.

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