mid year creative review 2013 / wotv wrap up

the year is already half over! so far, i finished wotv, and have been working a pretty cool full time day job as a designer at shazam. my top 3 goals for 2013 were:

  1. be a working writer, and get staffed on a show.
  2. write at least 2 new pilot scripts.
  3. write a feature script.

here’s my semiannual progress report:

1. be a working writer, and get staffed on a show.

i was hoping this might happen after wotv, but unfortunately, it didn’t. i didn’t get an agent or manager, and had no meetings for staffing season. the reason is simple; my pilot wasn’t good enough. it was only the 2nd pilot i’d written, and i struggled with it from the beginning. the solution is, i have to write a better pilot that will make agents want to sign me, and make showrunners want to hire me.

as of today, as far as i know, 3 of the 8 writers from this year got staffed: 1 on white collar, 1 writing team on the blacklist, 1 on mike and molly. i think last, year 4 of the 8 got staffed right after the program. however, several of the writers who didn’t get staffed last year did get staffed this year, so that gives me hope. the people who run wotv look out for their writers even after the program is over, and hopefully by next year, we’ll all be staffed.

even though i didn’t get representation or a job, writers on the verge was a great experience and i’m extremely grateful that i was one of the writers chosen to participate. i got to meet all the other wonderful writers, met my mentor, got to work with karen, julie ann, and jen. i met a few agents and managers who i can send my future material to. i also learned a lot about what goes into a pilot. this was super important for me, since i had only written 1 pilot previously.

i also wrote another spec in the program, and i used it to apply to the writing programs – cbs, wb, disney. yes, i applied again. maybe the 3rd time will be the charm. fingers crossed!

2. write at least 2 new pilot scripts.

after wotv, i returned to my pilot writers group that i started last year, and we even added a few new members. i have the concept for my new pilot and i’m really excited to write it. i can’t wait to apply what i learned from wotv. i really like the concept, i have the characters fleshed out, and i’m aiming to be done in august.

besides my pilot, i also want to i want to come up with ideas for animated shows to pitch. i know development execs at nickelodeon, cartoon network, and disney, i have a degree in illustration, i’ve studied animation. i was going to work on this last fall, but that’s right when i was accepted into wotv. maybe if i’m lucky, i’ll get distracted again this year.

3. write a feature.

i haven’t started on this at all, but i decided on the idea. it’s a high concept buddy comedy. realistically, i’d be happy if i just got an outline done this year.


what’ll happen with me and my writing in the 2nd half of the year? vote in my anonymous poll!

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  1. You’ll make it. I don’t know you personally but from your blog you’re a bright person, a clear writer and also seem to have a pay-it-forward mentality that I firmly believe will reward you back. Keep at it! I check your blog all the time for insightful tidbits. Thank you for taking the time to educate the rest of us aspiring writers out there.

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