nickelodeon writing fellowship – 2nd try

the deadline for the 2010 nickelodeon writing fellowship is just one month away! i can’t believe it’s almost been a whole year since i first decided to apply.  last year, i didn’t even know about it until the first week of feb, and scrambled to get a spec written in time. this year, i’m much better prepared.

i have a finished draft of my 30 rock spec and karen the director of the fellowship was kind enough to offer to read it and give me feedback. i’m hoping to hear back from her sometime next week, so that’ll give me about 3 weeks to revise and polish.

here’s what you need to apply:

  • 2 copies of a comedic spec script
  • 1 page resume
  • half page bio
  • application and release form

karen also told me they plan on doing an artist fellowship starting this year, where 2 people will be selected for a 6 month fellowship (as opposed to the 1 year fellowship for writers). the website isn’t up yet but keep your eyes open. i’ll probably apply to that as well in case i don’t get into the writing fellowship again. i’m going to work there one way or another!

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      1. Oh I know iCarly is still. I meant wolverine and the x-men? Shakeem Winn said thats what he entered. Never herd that was somthing currently being run.

  1. I entered the fellowship for the first time this year. Im sooo nervous. I entered a script for my favorite Nick show. iCarly! Actually its my second favorite. Go Fairly Odd Parents! I think I did very well because I know the show and didn’t add anything clashing or different. Hope I make it!

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