2014 writing program notifications

*updated 10/07/14

Here’s my annual writing program post. If you hear of any updates, please let me know. Good luck, everyone!


  • Nickelodeon
    Finalists have been announced on their Facebook page.
  • WB
    The writers have been announced on their Facebook page.
  • CBS
    I think the writers were chosen. I know of at least one writing duo who got in! Also, one of my students from my workshop, and a writer I worked with 1 on 1 both made semifinalist in CBS! Congrats to both of them!
  • NBC
    My friend Stephanie from my writers’ group got in the program! Here’s the list of the writers who made it in: https://www.facebook.com/writersontheverge
  • ABC/Disney
    They said on their Facebook page they’re hoping to contact semifinalists before Thanksgiving.
  • Sundance Episodic Story Lab
    10 fellows were chosen in the inaugural program. A huge congrats to my friend Nick for getting in!


  • Austin
    Congratulations to 6 of my students who made it to the 2nd round with the specs they wrote in my workshop (Jay, Amanda, April, Shannon, Lak, and Jack), plus 3 more (Prashant, Paul, and Bernard) who made it with scripts they wrote after my workshop! The full list of Second Rounders and Semifinalists is on their site.
  • Scriptapalooza
    Congrats to my students April (finalist) and David (semifinalist) for placing in Scriptapalooza with their specs!
  • Slamdance
    Quarterfinalists have been announced on their site. Congrats to my friends Boey and Erika for placing with their pilot!

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  1. I got a rejection email from WB a couple of hours ago. I happened to find your blog soon after, since I was trying to see if NBC sent anything out yet. I’m still waiting to hear back about WOTV. This was my first year applying and I was too late for ABC/Nick/CBS. Fingers crossed for NBC.

    The WB email said 1904 people applied this year.

    Your posts about WOTV were very informative, thanks!

  2. Wah I was rejected from the WB too. I wasn’t too broken up about it surprisingly. Looking forward to next year (in the event that I’m rejected from the other programs as well).

      1. So strange… no one I know has been called or heard of anyone else being called. Oh well, I’ll stay hopeful until they announce the fellows on facebook!

  3. Thanks for this! So nice to be able to see it all in one place. I didn’t get a rejection email from WB, but I also haven’t heard anything positive. Do you know what their process is? Send the rejection emails THEN ask people for more samples? I’m a little worried I didn’t submit my application properly! Ha

    1. I am in the same position and actually still haven’t heard anything. No rejection and no advancement. Seeing as though it’s nearing the end of the month, that’s a little weird. Just wondering if you’ve heard anything yet?

  4. Austin Film Festival wrote in a comments section on their FB page that letters re: the screenplay competition are going out this week (as in 9/2). So people should start getting letters this Friday/Saturday and early next week??

  5. Update from NBC on 9/5 (Fri) – “We’re pleased to announce that all applicants selected for the phone interview round have now been notified. Congratulations to those who made it this far! Best of luck!”

  6. Got my Austin Film Festival letter for the original pilot competition today. Did not receive a letter for the TV spec script competition yet.

    The letters are obviously in the mail for everyone and arriving at different times (depending on service).

  7. Thanks for the info! FYI, on August 20th ABC/Disney posted on their facebook page: “With over 1500 applicants it’s a long process…but semi-finalists will be notified around mid-November.”

  8. Hey all! Capoeira and others, did you get these 5% emails yesterday? Were you asked for additional samples first? I was asked for additional material in August, but haven’t heard anything since… I’m wondering if that means “no thanks” or if I might still get a call… Thanks for letting me know! Also, were you emailed or snail-mailed re: the top 5%?

  9. Update on the ABC fellowship facebook page today: 2015 Writing Program Update — You may be wondering where oh where are those scripts you submitted almost 4 months ago. Well, we are wrapping up second reads and gearing up for round three…perhaps the toughest read yet…because the judges will be ABC, ABC Studios, ABC Family and Disney Channel creative executives. We’re working hard to meet our goal of identifying our semi-finalists before Thanksgiving. Good luck to all of our aspiring TV writers!!!

  10. Hey, Kiyong. Do you know if ABC/Disney Writing Program requires additional SPEC or PILOT for SEMIFINALISTS?

    Thanks so much for your insight, it’s inspirational to say the least.

    1. i’m not sure how disney will do it this year. this is the first time they required a pilot and spec to submit, so it’s anybody’s guess as to what they’ll ask for. ideally, you have one of both just in case!

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