notes from lecture on writing and directing

i went to an excellent lecture last night. the film independent’s director series – From Script to Screen: On Writing and Directing. the panel consisted of: John August (writer of Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Charlie’s Angels, GO, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, writer/director of The Nines, and has his excellent blog) Erin Cressida Wilson (writer…

sundance shorts

even if you’re not in salt lake city, you can still watch most of the 2007 sundance shorts online – i think many of them are also available for purchase off of itunes. slamdance also has some of their shorts online – look under “anarchy online films”

2007 resolutions

first, a quick review of 2006: i got to go to sundance. i made my 3rd short film – martial artsy, which was funded by atomfilms studio. i wrote a first draft of a feature script, a religious comedy. here are my filmmaking resolutions for 2007: make 2 short films.  making 1 would be ok,…

search engine queries

some funny search engine queries people used to find my site: craft service extra crazy actor needs – 12/03 film producers don’t like writers – 11/29 – ha ha. i don’t think that’s true. maybe bad writers. or ones that complain. 30 min short film ideas – 11/28 – 30 min? that’s a little on…

why make a short film

even working industry folk have to go through the process of making a short film. alex epstein, screenwriter and author of the excellent book Crafty Screenwriting, talks about his decision to make a short film. he’s shooting hdv, not film or hd. he’s keeping it short, around 4-6 minutes from what i can gather….

manager vs agent

craig mazin shares his thoughts on managers vs. agents. it’s in reference to screenwriters but i’m sure it can’t be all that different for directors.

bad short film ideas

here’s a funny because it’s true collection of things to avoid when you’re making your short film. the sad thing is i’ve seen many shorts that have several of these elements that combine like voltron to form into a super awful short film. don’t do it.

film school – yes or no?

there’s an interesting post at DV Guru listing 10 reasons to go to film school and 10 reasons not to go to film school. i didn’t go to film school, but i thought about many times. here are my general thoughts… whether you are for or against film SCHOOL, i don’t think anyone would be…