2007 resolutions

first, a quick review of 2006:

  • i got to go to sundance.
  • i made my 3rd short film – martial artsy, which was funded by atomfilms studio.
  • i wrote a first draft of a feature script, a religious comedy.

here are my filmmaking resolutions for 2007:

  • make 2 short films.  making 1 would be ok, but i’m really aiming for 2.
  • write a feature script i can direct.
  • draw every single day.  drawing helps me stay creative and visual, and i did way too little drawing last year.

these aren’t necessarily goals, but i’d like to experiment with special effects, shooting in front of a green screen.  i’d also like to try working in another genre besides comedy.

what are your filmmaking resolutions for 2007?

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