new york times article – Where’d You Go to Film School? In My Bedroom

read it here.

one quote i liked –

“What’s lacking in so many films from people without a film-school education isn’t the technical expertise,” he argued. “It’s the ability to turn that expertise into a compelling story.”

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  1. Too true — it’s a long way from being able to swing a camera around to being able to illustrate a story in a compelling way. When I made my first movie, and I was behind the camera, I had a sudden rush of a satori that I had no idea what to point the camera AT. I mean, exactly what was it I wanted to look at, and what are all the profound implications of seeing that, compounded by 16 frames a second (back then, now 29.95).

    Fortunately, that was forty years ago, and I have looked at/seen many things since then, and now I have had to time to understand the relationships of things in the making of a story. I would say, become the eyes on the story you want to explicate: Tell the truth (even if it’s fiction) about your subject. This will propel you forward, seeking always to say more/see more about the truth.

    Carry on, Nurse . . .

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