camera obscura – less than 2 weeks before i shoot my short film!

i have less than 2 weeks left for preproduction! i feel really good about where we are at this point. my producer marcia has done an incredible job overseeing everything, and it really frees me up to focus on what i need to focus on.

CAST – we have 2 amazing actors i can’t wait to work with.

LOCATIONS – we have the house, and the rest stop bathroom. we have to shoot at 2 houses, one for the external shots, and a different house for the internal shots. that makes it logistically harder, but i think it’s absolutely worth it.

CREW – we have most of our crew. i’m going over shots with the dp, and going over the look and feel with the production designer.

SCRIPT – yes, i’m still working on my script. i had my monthly writers group meeting yesterday, and i got some great feedback. there were 2 instances where people made the same comments, and that’s a sure sign something needs fixing. i know it’s late to still be tweaking the script, but i have no issues with making changes if it makes the story stronger. fortunately most of the changes are just dialogue at this point. my writing group also gave me some great things to look out for when i shoot.

STILL PICTURES – my film has the characters taking pictures on a digital camera, and we see those pictures on the camera screen. this means besides scheduling and shooting the actual film, we also have to schedule and shoot all the still pictures.

TO DO – i’ve already done a rough first pass of storyboards, but i want to refine them. i also  need to come up with shot lists, as well as overhead diagrams. i need to revise a couple sections of the script, and figure out how i want the actors to play all of the scenes. there are a ton of other things i need to do, but those are the most important.

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