AGENTED So I have an agent now! The first thing my agent did was send me a bunch of pilots that had been picked up. He told me to read them and we’d strategize which shows to send me out for. There are a lot of pilots. I had 35 broadcast comedy scripts, to be…

interview: MysteryTVWritersAsst

I follow @MysteryTVWrtrAs on Twitter. Apparently we’ve met before, but I have no idea who it is, and I know nothing about this person’s gender/ethnicity/age. I’m not even sure whether this person works in comedy or drama. We got chatting one night on Twitter, and I asked to do an interview. This person’s anonymity allowed for some candid answers…

new pilot is done

Quick update. I finished my new pilot! It took longer than I wanted, and I’m sure it can use another polish, but I’m happy with how it came out. That’s a pretty different reaction compared to the last pilot I wrote, where I felt like I was able to salvage it a little at the end….

CAAM Fellowship: mentor update

Last week I got to go to San Francisco for CAAM Fest, and got to meet the other fellows. Check out the bios and the work of my super talented, accomplished fellows! Since getting accepted into the CAAM Fellowship, I’ve had several discussions in trying to decide which mentor to try to go after….

glass whiteboard

glass whiteboard

Jeanne from Script Magazine mentioned me in a post regarding a picture of my closet doors that I posted on Facebook, so I figured I should post the pic here. I recently moved into a new place and I hated the cheap mirrored sliding closet doors. Unrelated, I also wanted a giant whiteboard to use for breaking…