nbc writers on the verge – phone interview

today i had my phone interview today with karen horne and julie ann crommett for the nbc writers on the verge program. it was similar to the phone interviews i went through for the nickelodeon fellowship, and i wasn’t caught off guard by anything they asked. the interview lasted about 20 minutes and i think it went well, but you never know. at the end, they asked if i had any questions, so i asked what happens next?

they said they’ll notify who made it to the next round by the end of the week. those who make it will then have in person interviews, and those who get accepted start on 10/2.

it’ll be a stressful few days until i find out whether or not i made it to the next round. also, someone from my writing group is scheduled for a phone interview tomorrow, so i hope both of us get in!

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    1. i think disney sends emails for more material at this point, not phone calls. at least they did last year. they also did it in waves. i got a request for more material pretty late last year, on 9/20, so there’s still hope!

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