nbc writers on the verge – in person interview

yesterday, i had my in person interview for the nbc writers on the verge program. i met with karen horne and julie ann crommett. both were really nice and fun to talk to. the interview went well, or at least i think it did (you never know).Β at the end of the interview, i asked what happens next? karen told me they’ll decide and call people on friday to let them know either way.

first, i’m grateful to have gotten to this position. all of these programs are really hard to get into. the odds are insane, less than 1%, and to have a shot of actually making it in kind of blows my mind. i have a week of waiting, and although i’m trying not to think about it, of course that’s all i’m thinking about. there are only 2 possible outcomes:


if i don’t get in, that means my script wasn’t good enough and/or my interview wasn’t good enough. that’s all there is to it. no excuses. it means other people wrote a better script, and/or performed better in the interview. i’m still learning, so i’ll have to keep improving myself, and keep looking for a path to break, whether through one of the writing programs or through other means.

here’s what i plan to do if i don’t get accepted:

  • work on a spec to apply to the writing programs with next year.
  • finish up my pilot.
  • work on a pitch for an animated kids show and set up meetings with development people at nickelodeon, disney, and cartoon network.
  • try to get an agent or manager before staffing season.



if i do get into wotv, the rest of my life would come to a screeching halt, and my entire focus from oct to the end of jan would be this program. during the 12 week program, you’re supposed to write a spec and a pilot. i would make the most of the opportunity and make sure both of those scripts turn out amazing.

either way, i’ll let you know what happens on friday.

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  1. Kiyong: Have you heard any news from fellow writers about Disney or Warner Brothers? I haven’t gotten my WB rejection letter, but I live on the East Coast….

    P.S. Congrats on NBC!!!

    1. hey katie. i heard both disney and warner brothers contacted people who made it to the next round, but i don’t know if they’ll contact more. also, i don’t know anyone who got a rejection letter or top 5% letter from wb yet this year.

  2. I see WB says phone interviews will be notified no later than 9/21 (or 9/28 if they’re running behind as some are suggesting), but since Kiyong says he knows someone who was asked for more material a while back, I’m assuming the “will be notified…” applies to those who were asked for more material, unless there’s some hail mary type thing (I hope since I wasn’t asked for more materials) where they do phone interviews with people based solely on the spec they submitted… but sadly I’m not too optimistic about that being true. πŸ™

  3. Congrats, Dude. Just wondering, what kind of questions do they ask you during the phone and in person interviews? I unfortunately haven’t made it that far in these programs and am always curious to know what they look for and what they ask. Also, not sure if this is possible, but I’d love to read the script that got you in. I’m also always curious to read the caliber of script that gets someone in. Can’t hurt to ask right?

    1. thanks! for some reason, a lot of people ask to read my scripts, but i think it wouldn’t really help anyone. when i was trying to get into these programs, i never had the desire to read the scripts of people who got in and compare myself to them. i only read actual scripts of produced episodes of whatever show i was trying to spec, and tried to match that level of writing. i didn’t just read them. i broke them down like this – http://kiyong.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/writing-a-spec-script-breakdown/

      the interviews aren’t really that different from any other job interview. you have to be able to convince someone you’re talented and qualified and easy to get along with.

      i’m thinking of writing a book on how to get into the different writing fellowships. maybe after nbc ends in jan.

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