idea for a pilot

my plan is to have 2 comedy spec scripts and 1 pilot. i wrote 1 spec of The Office which i sent off to the nickelodeon fellowship. my other spec will be for How I Met Your Mother so i’ve been watching past episodes for research.

while i was going through my database of old ideas, i came upon one that i thought might work as a pilot. i gave a very short pitch to friends, and they liked it. they started coming up with story ideas of their own based off the pitch which is always a good sign.

so as i’m thinking of ideas for How I Met Your Mother episodes, i’ll be slowly refining my pilot idea.

here’s another great book on writing for tv.
Crafty TV Writing: Thinking Inside the Box
this one goes more into writing a pilot than some of the others which focus more on writing a spec of an existing show.

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