i started an improv class

when i was going through my nickelodeon fellowship interviews, the director told us she was going to have the fellows take an improv class as part of the fellowship. i thought that was a great idea, so even though i didn’t get in, i decided to sign up for one on my own.

the main reason is i think it’ll help in interviewing and presentation, and since that’s what cost me the fellowship, i need to fix that weakness. i think it’ll also help with my understanding of comedy in general. it’ll also help in terms of knowing what it’s like to perform for when i direct, and maybe i’ll meet some people i can work with on my short films and stuff.

these were the schools i was looking into:

  • Second City
  • IO West
  • Upright Citizens Brigade
  • Groundlings

based on my research, i heard that Second City, IO West, and UCB are all somewhat similar in principal, and Groundlings is very different. i decided to sign up at IO West because they also had a lot of writing classes available.

i had my first class last night, and it was fun. i’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the class goes.

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