i’m going to write a tv spec script

i just got an email today about the nickelodeon writing fellowship program. you have to submit a spec script on an existing half hour series. a friend of a friend got into that program a couple years ago and landed a staff job there. there is also the disney writing fellowship and you need a spec for that as well, so i decided to write one.

this will be my first time to write for tv. i decided to write one for The Office because i love the show and already know most of the episodes. it’s also popular in terms of ratings and critical acclaim. the only downside is i’m worried there might already be too many specs of The Office out there.

the deadline for the nickelodeon fellowship is at the end of the month, 2/28, so i have about 3 weeks to write an episode. i’m thinking my schedule will be something like this:

    • week 1 – research past episodes, write loglines for episode ideas.
    • week 2 – write treatment, outline, and start writing pages.
    • week 3 – finish writing, send out for feedback, revise, and send out.

that’s a pretty tight deadline. better get to work!

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  1. i did apply for the fellowship and i ended up doing a spec for the office. they’re supposed to make decisions in sept, so i have a long time to wait. there’s also the disney fellowship which i’ll be applying to.

  2. hey, are you going to submit the same spec to both fellowships? is one allowed to do that? or are you, by enterting a spec to a contest, excluding it from submission to somewhere else? thanks!

  3. i’m going to use the same office spec to apply to all the fellowships with. because the spec is only used as a writing sample to gauge talent, i don’t think they care if you use it for other fellowships or contests. i need to work on other scripts though because if you make it past the first round, i hear they ask to read other work you have.

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