i’m starting my 3rd short film.

a little prologue. i took a summer production class at usc in 2005, directing intensive. i made a short film there called “duck duck goose”. then i made another short film that fall called “edit>love” for a contest by intel and atomfilms, and i was one of the winners. so intel flew the winners out to sundance, and i met megan o’neill, the vice president of acquisitions, from atomfilms, who told me they’re starting this thing where they fund short films. i emailed her a couple pitches, and she liked one of them. i wrote the script, and she liked it, and now i’m in preproduction. today is sat 6/17/06, and i plan to shoot on sat 7/29/06, so that’s exactly 6 weeks! this is my filmmaking journal to document the process. my plan is to write about current things, and fill in all the stuff that’s happened so far when i can.

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