my 1 month screenwriting project

november is national novel writing month (NaNoWriMo), and i tried to write a rough draft of a script instead of a novel in that time. i got to about page 25 before realizing i really needed to work more on my outline and story structure. i spent the rest of the month fleshing my outline out, using a combination of index cards and omni outliner.

i’m writing a sci-fi comedy that deals with time travel, so when i wasn’t writing, i watched some of movies for research:
– groundhog day
– back to the future
– primer
– deja vu

then of course there is the classic ray bradbury short story, a sound of thunder, and the time machine, by hg wells.

any other suggestions?

i would say my outline is about 75% done, with most of the main beats laid out. i’m hoping to finish it soon and then send it out to friends for feedback before i start writing pages.

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