my himym spec update, and how deadlines are good

i wrote my spec of The Office in 3 weeks because of the Nick Fellowship deadline. it’s been about 5 weeks now since i decided to write a spec for How I Met Your Mother, so obviously i’ve been working at a much more relaxed (lazy) pace. so far my rough draft is running at 32 pages. the production scripts i read at the WGA library were all around 40 pages, so i think i’m on track. act 1 is pretty much done, and then it gets less polished the later it gets in the script. i still have some sections that are just whatever i had from the outline.

even though i started off slow, i’m motivated now to finish so i can move on to the next project; a pilot. i’m giving myself a deadline of 4/16, so 10 days, to finish the script.

deadlines are critical for getting things done. if someone isn’t forcing a structured environment with deadlines on you, like work or school, then you must do it yourself. some people say they don’t want to impose deadlines on themselves because it stresses them out, or they’ll feel bad if the deadline passes and they haven’t accomplished what they wanted. people who think like that don’t get anything done, so don’t listen to them! exercise some self discipline, set a deadline, and get to work.

if all else fails, i think i’d make a good life coach.

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