my next film project

the closer i get to finishing up my project, the more i’ve thinking about what i want to work on next.

there are a lot of different things i’ve been wanting to experiment with.

  • after making a dialogue heavy comedy, i’m itching to make something more visually exciting. i still want to tell a story, but comedies aren’t really a great way to showcase an exciting visual style.
  • i want to incorporate more visual effects. this will involve shooting green screen and compositing. i have some friends that know how to do this so hopefully they can help me.
  • after Martial Artsy, i want to try my hand at directing action again. i think i learned a lot from making that short and want to push things further.
  • i want to operate the camera myself. i want a minimal crew where i can move quickly and frame things exactly how i want.

  • what i always do to prepare myself for another project is i’ll review all of my old ideas. i keep it in a simple outlining program where i can add tags to each idea. for example, it might be a line of dialogue, a snippet of a dream, a funny image that popped into my head, etc. so last week i was reviewing this file of mine, and a couple things stood out. one was this image i had of a guy discovering a certain item. another was a guy that held a special kind of weapon. as i was thinking of these separate images, i was listening to a song a friend of mine had made, and suddenly everything tied together. all these ideas floating around in my head unified and became very clear.

    i decided i want to make a short film/music video. i’m very excited about the idea because i would get to try all the things i wanted to try at the same time. 1) it would be very visual with no dialogue or sound effects, only the song. 2) it would have lots of visual effects. 3) it would have action. 4) i can shoot it myself.

    i already start brainstorming ideas to expand on the original concept. i write down anything that pops into my head and then later i’ll group similar ideas together and refine them.

    for the past projects i’ve relied more heavily on floorplans, but for this project, storyboards will be critical. there will be lots of action, and i have to plan my shots very carefully so i can add the visual effects in later. i want to discuss each shot with the people that will be helping me with the effects to make sure everything will work.

    along with storyboards and animatics, i’ll also have to work on concept art and character design. i went to school for illustration so i’m looking forward to all the drawing i’ll get to do in the coming months.

    i’ll also have to do a lot of camera tests to make sure i can get the effect i want.

    this project will require a lot of preproduction. oh wait, i’m also going to need a a lot of post production too. i guess it’s going to take a lot of time all around. i better start soon!

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