30 rock outline finished

i finally finished the outline for my 30 rock spec. the logline is based on a  tracy storyline so that was set, but i was having trouble getting the liz storyline nailed down. i felt like there were just a bunch of events happening to move the plot forward, but that it wasn’t resonating emotionally.

the show is pretty zany but i still wanted at least her storyline to have some emotion, like the season 2 finale where liz thinks she’s pregnant, then is disappointed she’s not and decides to adopt.

i also didn’t want to start writing pages until i had the ending really nailed down. with the last 2 specs i wrote (the office, himym), i started writing with only a vague notion of the ending and it ended up costing me a lot of time later on, especially with the how i met your mother script.

so my outline is done and ready to go. i’m going to try to get a first draft done within a month, and then polish it up by the deadline for next year’s batch of fellowships, the first of which is nickelodeon in jan/feb.

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