nbc writers on the verge – week 9

TUE 12/4/12


we got notes on how we did during our speed dating meetings with executives from last week. karen and julie ann said our year overall was one of the highest scoring groups.

some of the things the execs looked at:

flow of conversation
how well we listened
did we ask questions
how well we handled questions they asked of us
eye contact

for me, i got good notes overall. what did they say? articulate, smart, nice things like that. some minor things were that my eye contact could be better. a couple people said i seemed a little nervous at first, but got better later. one person said i need to speak up, i have low volume. not too bad, considering. and those things are all easily fixable. I SAID THEY’RE ALL EASILY FIXABLE.


we got notes on our pilots. a few things for me:

i need to set up the series better at the end of the script.

the accomplishment of the main character’s goal should affect more than just him. it should affect the whole group of characters.

i need a stronger act 2 out.

THU 12/13/12

thursday was a mellow class. we just watched some pilots, some that were picked up, some that were not.

this was our last class before a big break for the holidays!

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  1. kiyong keep at it. sounds like you are getting more confident in the room. meanwhile, i’m working with final cut pro x to finish a sincity color style short film here in asia and two writing projects; one for will smith and ana family group and other for benderspink and the silence of the lambs writer for the end of this month.
    both of us sound busy, but hats off to you for working so hard.
    i am sure you will get staffed soon.
    if were both sipping coffees in LA after being staffed or assigned work it will be a splendid year.
    ron ron

  2. Persistence pays off, so i have no doubt in my mind that you’ll get staffed soon. Thanks for sharing the notes they gave.on your speed date. That’s an interesting name for it 🙂

    Good luck Kiyong!

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