30 rock spec – almost done

i’m almost done with my 30 rock spec! i started around october, and although it’s taken me longer than i thought it would, i’m happy with how it’s coming out.

i wanted to have a finished first draft by the end of 2009, but i got a little stuck. i felt my tracy storyline was solid, and i had the jack and liz storyline figured out, but i was stuck with the jenna storyline, as well as with the storyline for pete and the writers. i did some brainstorming and figured out new storylines for each and pitched them to my writers group. they said my original jenna storyline was better, but the new writers storyline worked well.

i feel the script is in a good place now. all the structure is laid out. all the story decisions have been made. i just have to figure out the dialogue and the comedy, and that’s the fun part.

i want to get this draft done in a week or so can get some feedback from people, including the director of the nickelodeon writing fellowship, then make some revisions before submitting to all the fellowships this year. i’ll also use this script to query agents and managers, instead of the office script i’ve been pitching.

i started my first tv script last year in feb, so i will have written 3 scripts in one year. not too bad.

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