next projects

i’m not even done preparing for my shoot this weekend, but i’m already thinking about my next projects.

– i already have the short horror script that i wrote before ku klux kornea. i entered it into the dc shorts screenwriting competition and the slamdance screenwriting competition. if i win any prize money, it’ll go to fund the production.

– i have an idea for a feature film. i’ve been thinking of ideas since january, but i finally found one that is high concept, a comedy, and can be made for a low budget. i want to write it by the end of the year.

– i also want to try writing for tv. i feel like i should have a spec script to show i can write for that format as well. i tried to sign up for a class at ucla extension but it was full, so i will have to go get some books and study on my own. i already know what show i want to write a spec for; the office.

– another big project i wanted to focus on is redoing my illustration portfolio so i could get into concept art. i studied illustration in college and took a couple concept art classes earlier this year, so i just need to commit the time to making a portfolio.

ok, back to the project at hand.

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