preproduction week 7: countdown

today is wed. we’re having the tech scout tonight to see if we’ll need more lights, make sure there won’t be any sound issues, figure out logistics of where to set up the different departments, etc. then we’re having the production meeting right after to check the status of all departments. there are some props that need to be made, and set dressing will be needed to turn an office into a doctor’s office.

tomorrow, thursday, i have rehearsal with the cast. i want to go through the entire script, figure out the blocking, give the chance for the actors to get to know each other, and also so i can start forming relationships with the actors and watch how they work. there will probably be changes to the script based on the rehearsal. the wardrobe department will also meet with the actors to figure out what they’re going to wear.

i also have to finalize my shot list and storyboards, and send out the shooting schedule.

friday, we have to pick up equipment, and i have to finish any last minute changes to the script and shotlist, and make sure i have everything i need for the next day. if i’m lucky, i’ll get a couple good hours of sleep in before the shoot!

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